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(Survey open 1st November 2017).

About this survey

Thank you for participating in our textbook survey. This survey is for teachers and instructors based in Further Education (FE) or Higher Education (HE) in the UK and Republic of Ireland. It is about your use of textbooks for teaching, and will take around 5-7 minutes to complete.

  • By teachers, we mean any staff member, instructor, lecturer or tutor whose role involves delivering lessons or classes to students. If you have a different role (you might be a librarian or technologist who also teaches), you will be able to complete the survey but may find some of the questions not worded appropriately for you. We would welcome your input via the open comment boxes should you wish to be involved.
  • The survey focuses on Higher Education institutions (i.e. universities, alternative providers) and Further Education Colleges where Higher Education is delivered (HE in FE).
  • When you have completed the online questionnaire, it will automatically collect your data when you select the ‘Done’ button on the final page.
  • The results of the work will be disseminated via this blog.



All data collected in this survey will be treated confidentially, and the online service SurveyMonkey will not collect your IP address. During analysis, the results will be anonymised, and any work disseminated, published or communicated subsequently will also be anonymous.

Your participation is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time. Ethical approval for this survey has been granted by the University of the West of England, and the PARTICIPANT INFORMATION SHEET IS DOWNLOADABLE HERE –> Teacher Survey Participation Info Oct2017

Thank you for participating in our survey.
UK Open Textbooks project team.

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